Tax Law

Concerns about tax implications are present at every stage of a corporation’s existence, and in every transaction a business conducts. In order for business and legal advice to be effective, it must incorporate a thorough understanding of the tax consequences of any business decision. Pasricha & Patel strives to provide insightful, practical planning strategies that can reduce the tax burden from our clients’ transactions, as well as, effective defense when the IRS or state tax authorities challenge your transactions. We advise clients of all sizes on matters such as selection of the proper entity type for their business, the formation of limited liability companies, corporations, Subchapter S corporations, partnerships, and the purchase and sale of business entities. We have longstanding relationships with many corporate clients, and offer them guidance at every stage in the life of their business, from inception and formation to corporate wind-downs


Our Business Law and Taxation guidance addresses such situations as:

• Formation of business entities, including corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies

• Tax implications of acquiring existing businesses

• Reorganizations of partnerships, corporations and other business entities

• Tax aspects of corporate transactions, including real estate transactions

• Dissolution and disposition of businesses and assets

• Federal and state tax litigation

• IRS and New Jersey state tax matters

• Tax and accounting impacts for startups

• Tax implications of foreign investors


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